Life Insurance No Medical Exam

There have been questions about the actual facts on this type of life insurance. Our intention has been to compile the full compliment of resources needed for someone to make an informed decision, and as a jumping off point for those doing deep research into the area of no getting life insurance without having a full medical examination.

This is a subject of intense interest to many of our elderly readers, and a subject where misinformation abounds.

We have attempted to compile here the most extensive collection of information, links, and graphical representation of the relevant information that we could find on the subject. If you have suggestions or corrections, please contact us so we may keep this page as fresh as possible.


factsheet-americaLife insurance no medical check-up basics
Types of non-medical issue life insurance
What does it cover and how much does it cost?
Ratings of insurance companies
Benefits and potential disadvantages of coverage
Selected articles on life insurance no check-up policy
General resources of life insurance
Selected list of life insurance associations
Selected list of life insurance companies
Selected list of blogs


1. Life insurance No Check-up Basics

One way of getting life insurance is to go for a specific type of insurance which guarantees the applicant for approval and offers coverage as soon as the policy premium is paid – without taking in consideration the applicant’s current health status or condition (watch video), neither any special interests for past medical history.

2. Types of non-medical issue life insurance

individual life insurance policies

There are 2 types of life insurance, with specific sub-types for non-medical issue policy:

3. What does it cover and how much does it cost?

average monthly costs life insurance

No medical exam life insurance offers can go up to $250,000 of term life insurance, and even $350,000 or more with coverage for beneficiaries, if you pass away within a specific period of time .

3.1. Calculators

life insurance 2001 2010

How much life insurance do you actually need? Mozdex has a 5 steps insurance calculator  to help you determine the specifics for the amount of insurance you need. Industrial Alliance provide their own free insurance calculator, the same does Aflac. and Life Insurance Advise offers another one.

3.2 Ratings of insurance companies

Ratings of insurance companies – can be checked online with credit agencies like Standard & Poor’s, or financial rating companies like A.M. Best. Additionally, Moody’s Insurance Financial Strength Ratings indicate a company’s ability to pay claims and meet obligations.

4.Benefits …

 … and potential disadvantages of coverage for a no medical exam insurance.

5. Selected articles on life insurance no medical exam policy:

My Policy Broker has a detailed article on the benefits of a life insurance policy, even if you don’t qualify without a medical exam.

Neal Frankle covers the basics of how to save money on the guaranteed issue insurance policy and how to get a life insurance policy without having to go through a physical exam.

Life Happens asks whether it is worth getting a life insurance with no medical exam?

A step by step guide on how to get a life insurance policy with no health questions and no medical exams is available at eHow.

Finance consultant and blogger, Max Voyance shares more tips on buying life insurance without a medical check-up .

For those of you who can no longer pay your life insurance premium and want out, check out the Insurance Information Institute article.

6. General Resources on Life Insurance

!life insurance purchases

history of life insurance enterprises in the United States, through World War I.

Life insurance terms made simple in a comprehensive glossary from ACLI and another one provided by the Insurance Information Institute.

Life Insurance 101 video

Colonnial Penn has a free and handy guide to understanding life insurance.

Learn the differences between the different types of policies, by watching the life insurance IQ report.

There’s also Globe’s 24/7 online policy information that provides info based on policy number, insured’s name and date of birth.

To find a lost life insurance, you might want to order a policy locator report.

This ia a long-term care insurance checklist which compares policies from different companies, or different policies by the same company.

The Insurance Information Institute features more articles on how to choose the right type of life insurance and useful tips on how to pick the right company for you.

The State Insurance Department Directory at ACLI is a state- based directory of names and contacts numbers for key personnel and specific life insurance contacts in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands.

7. Selected list of life insurance associations:

8. Selected list of life insurance companies:

lifeinsurance companies

  • Wells-Fargo – coverage up to $150,000, no medical exam, just a few health related questions;
  • Life Source Direct – coverage up to $350, 000 with no medical exam (in less than a day), just with a potential online health assessment;
  • American National – coverage up to $250,000 with no medical exam, only a few health questions on the online application;
  • New York Life – up to $50,000 permanent coverage, no medical exam, no waiting period;
  • Colonial Penn – 30 days money-back guarantee.

9. Selected list of blogs that cover the no medical exam life policy:

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