The Mohave Center for Insurance Research was founded to supply the public with authoritative research on selected topics of interest to the insurance buying public. We acknowledge that the subject of research is an endless topic, for which there is no end of its analysis.

We have instead chosen to take the path of providing extensive information on specific niche topics as we have determined to be in high demand from the American public viewing the internet.

At this moment, we are specializing in information around the topic of term life insurance, but are open to suggestions for further information that the public is interested in.

We will attempt to be as responsive as possible to individual requests, but will take the path of the greatest good, and will seek to serve information that will be most interested to the greatest number of people.

One very underserved area of the population, have a great interest in life insurance with no medical exam required. Recently we have been studying this section of the U.S. population and will be attempting to provide them with specific information that will help them make the best buying decisions.

Life Insurance comes in many types and there is a great deal of confusion as to the different types of insurance and their use.

As the broadest overview there are many different types of life insurance.
The first and simplest is designed for those who want someone to receive the financial benefit if they were to die this year.

Then there is the type of life insurance where the premiums are fixed, even if the person gets older, or starts to become less healthy.

Another variant is when the policy accumulates value over time. Some of these policies can be cashed in for money at any point, and others can be borrowed against when the owner of the policy needs cash.

There is yet another specialized type of life insurance. This is the type used by someone with wealth, who is using life insurance as a way to pass his wealth over to the heirs for various financial reasons.

The number of companies offering these various options expands the permutations of possibilities beyond even the most sophisticated consumers ability to discern the differences. This is where we have stepped in, to be a translator of sorts, to provide the sophisticated buyer an opportunity to gather the information they need, without being overwhelmed by the options, and without needing to rely only on the sales copy of the different companies.

The choices one has when purchasing life insurance are as varied as the types available. Policies are sold by agents, and the companies themselves.

Each of these steps are heavily regulated by state regulatory agencies, that can be extremely varied both in their laws, and their application of the laws.

For full information on the financial motivation of this site, please read our disclaimer section.

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